Hardcore Erie Teen Attends Rob Zombie Concert With Mom

A 13 year old Erie teen, priding himself on his independence, attended the Rob Zombie concert Thursday night, at Erie Insurance Arena, accompanied by his mother. The boy, reportedly excited to “finally see some real music in Erie”, says the experience was ruined by having to stay close to the woman who gave birth to him. “Ugh, she wouldn’t leave me alone,” the boy said. “First she buys me the tickets, then drives me there. Then she wanted to buy me food and stuff. It’s like just leave me alone, God! She’s the worst.” Despite not considering herself a fan, the mother says she still had a good time. “I kind of like that Dracula song,” she said. “The whole thing was…interesting. Anything for my little Phillip. If he wants to be a punker it’s OK for now. He’ll grow out of it.” She went on to tell us that, to put this in perspective, last year he was really in to Harry Potter and wanted to be a wizard. “It’s not a phase mom! This is who I am,” the boy yelled as he walked away from his mother to go wait at the car.

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