Harborcreek Chopstix Features Actual Parking Lot For Customers

The new location of the popular Chopstix restaurant opened in Harborcreek last week and it’s most appealing feature won’t be found on the menu. This location features a real-life parking lot, to accommodate more than ten cars, in contrast to the first west side establishment. “We sat down and put a business plan together,” restaurant ownership said. “We decided that this time around, we would invest in finding an easy way to have our customers leave their cars in close proximity to the restaurant. We did some research and discovered parking lots and the value of having adequate parking.” The restaurant’s lot boasts enough spaces to accommodate the full capacity of the building with enough spots left over for employees and anyone waiting for a table. It’s a concept customers are starting to grasp. “We love the west side location and wanted to check this one out, too,” one woman said. “I illegally parked on the street out of habit. This lot is fancy, it has lines and everything.” Other local businesses close to the new restaurant are a little disappointed. Some of the owners we spoke with were looking forward to collecting commissions from having diners’ cars towed from their property.

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