Fund Our Schools Rally Generates Thousands In Parking Fines

The ‘Fund Our Schools’ rally at Veterans Stadium yesterday, successfully raised several thousand dollars Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was all generated in parking fines and will not make its way back to help the Erie School District. “These events are some of our biggest income sources,” said one Parking Authority employee on hand to write tickets. “People like to get creative at these and think it’s a temporary free pass to park anywhere. It’s not. One person asked if I was kidding, when I wrote a ticket. Have you ever seen a Parking Authority employee tell a joke?” Parking was apparently an oversight in planning as Erie packed the stadium to show their disapproval in the budget process, but even the noble cause did not escape the wrath of the EPA. “My favorite is ticketing around churches on Sunday,” the employee continued. “God may have taken a day off, but the Authority never rests.” The rally sent a clear message of the frustration the public is feeling with the lack of a state budget. The District says that they may take a page from the EPA’s book and start finding ways to fine teachers and students during the day to help keep schools open.

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