Frontier Park Fills With Erieites Pretending To Know About Blues & Jazz

One of Erie’s most popular events is going on this weekend and festival goers are excited to make vague, generalized comments about the music being played on stage. “The horns, I think, really set this group’s sound apart.” One woman said. “I like the piano part of it too. It’s just really soothing.” When asked to name the band on stage or any current jazz musician, the woman hesitated for a moment and ran off. It’s become an August tradition to fill Frontier Park with tents and foldable chairs and listen to the music echo through West Erie. “This is the seventh year we’ve set up a tent down here and the music makes great background noise for us all to hang out.” Another jazz connoisseur stated. “What style of jazz is this? Smooth maybe? I think I’ve heard that before. Do you want a beer or something?” The tradition continues later in the summer when people act like they know more than one song from the Celebrate Erie headliner.

*Factual Footnote: This is truthfully my favorite Erie festival of the year and if you can find the time this weekend, even one hour, please go down and support this wonderful event.


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    Very much enjoyed discovering this blog. Thanks for a fresh take on the Erie Art Museum Blues & Jazz Festival! Special thanks for the “Factual Footnote”.

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