Former GAF Site “Pile Of Gravel” Project Nearly Complete

Construction is progressing on Erie’s Bayfront and the pile of gravel set to replace the former GAF site is nearly done. “It’s been a long, hard journey to get here.” Developers say. “We started with just a small pile and we are very near our goal of being the 4th largest mound of dirt and gravel in PA.” The tourist attraction is expected to bring in thousands to the local economy every year as tourists flock to the grounds. “Everyone asks, why are you building hotels down here with nothing to do? Well here’s your answer. Here’s that something.” The crowning rock is expected to be placed atop the pile on August 16th as the Pennsylvania Tourism Department Assistant Director’s Secretary’s Intern will cut the ribbon. Once finished, the attraction will be equally as high as the bluff across the Bayfront Highway. The tourist draw is expected to pair nicely with the Phase 2 Project “Giant Hole in the Ground” opening in 2016.


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  1. F.J.D. says

    Wasn’t 7 million dollars spent to encapsulated the toxic waste at the site? And now they dig the toxic dirt up and pile it up and when it rains the run off go’s into the bay. Who’s brainstorm didn’t think of a rainstorm?

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