Fanny Packs Fly Off Shelves As Waldameer Brings In Record Numbers

here.Finding the most fashionable option to carry your phone, wallet, and keys in an amusement park just got a little more difficult. Fanny packs are disappearing from local store shelves and retailers are struggling to catch up. “We are always ready for summer, but this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.” said the manager of one local Dollar General. “We’ve tried to order more to keep up with demand, but they are back ordered at the manufacturer. They just can’t keep up with production.” Anyone driving by the amusement park this past month has been able to see the surge in visitors. “What else would I use? My pockets?” one father asked us. “Everyone knows it’s better to have all your things in one place. Unless this nylon strap and plastic buckle fail, it’s not going anywhere.” The storage accessory has been the butt of many jokes over the years, but it’s the retail outlets and manufacturers who are laughing now. Fanny packs were listed #1 in GQ’s recent list of “Clothing For Parents Who No Longer Care What They Look Like In Public”.


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