Facebook ‘Friends Day’ Videos Cause Erie Man Hundreds In Cellular Data Charges

One Erie man is digging deep in his pockets today after being forced to stream several of Facebook’s ‘Friends Day’ videos that filled timelines on Thursday. The man says that he’s now being charged hundreds after being forced to stream content that just left him annoyed in the first place. “My cell phone bill aside, how unbearable was Facebook yesterday?” the man asked. “I don’t use very much data so I pay as I go. I had to keep checking Facebook yesterday because it was my birthday. Every time I opened the app about five of those damn videos would play. I didn’t even think about it until I got a text from Verizon.” By the time the text came though, he had used so much data that the message from Verizon simply read ‘lol. Wut r u even doing?’ The man was immediately suspicious. “I logged on and sure enough I owed over 900 dollars in data fees,” he said. “I do everything pay as you go, and this is the first time it’s come back to bite me. Happy Birthday, I guess.” The man says that in the future, he’ll just wait to check his Facebook at home, because he still has thousands of free AOL minutes just waiting to be installed.

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