Erieites Dye Livers Green For St. Patrick’s Day

Erie bar goers have already started one of the most heralded local traditions Thursday morning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, dying their livers green. The gesture is meant to honor the Irish Saint for reasons no one drinking green beer today is quite sure of. “This is my favorite day of the year,” one enthusiastic man said. However, when asked the true meaning of the day, he stumbled a bit. “Everyone knows this is the official kick off to drinking outside in Erie for next few months.” The local tradition began years prior when a local bar owner decided to add green dye to the cheapest beer he could find in a last ditch effort to finally sell it. Much to his surprise, people couldn’t get enough, and an Erie holiday was born. Mockerie staff attempted to get more quotes from the downtown crowd, but began interviews after 9 a.m. and could not find anyone else capable of putting a coherent sentence together. The morning dying of the livers will be followed by Thursday afternoon’s dying of the sidewalks when the green beer begins coming back up.

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