Erie Zoo Orangutan Launches Write In Campaign For City Council

If one local aspiring politician has his way, there will be no more monkey business at City Hall. The male orangutan at the Erie Zoo has announced that he will be launching a campaign for one of the open seats on Erie’s City Council. “Me tired of nonsense,” he said through his sign language interpreter. “Me want to help city. Spend three thousand for lawyer about strays contract? That buy so many bananas for needy families.” The primate may be fighting a losing battle though, as no other write in candidate has ever won a seat on council. He says that he plans to fight for Erie’s school system and to help implement literacy programs in the community. “Sign says no tap on glass,” he said. “Tap on glass anyway. Can no read. Big problem for city.” He says that he plans to campaign to visitors of the Zoo and has a special release program worked out with the zookeepers if he was elected. When asked if he thought Erie would be ready for a primate on City Council, he replied, “No think anyone would notice.”

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