Erie Weather “A Total Crapshoot” Admits Local Forecasters

Erie weather has caught the majority of us by surprise, but for the people who get paid to figure it all out it’s supposed to be a science. Turns out, not so much. “ We really have no idea.” said one Weather Channel employee. “All of the data comes back like someone threw darts at a wall. We will usually put up something like 20% chance of rain so it takes the heat off of us, or we’ll call it ‘isolated showers’. We know how to work the system by now.” Erie residents have known for years not to rely too much on local and national forecasts, but some have still found an interesting use for them. “I still watch the news and look up the ten day (forecast).” One local woman said. “But then I just plan for the opposite and we are usually ok.” A meteorologist for one of the local news stations, who did not wish to be identified, told us that they will just say anything they can to fill three and a half minutes during the news and if they are really at a loss for words, will just find a way to draw male genitalia on the screen.


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