Erie Waits On Edge Of Seat For New Chain Restaurant

The most talked about new business to hit Erie in 2015 opens its doors in just two weeks. The new Chipotle is set to open and city residents couldn’t be more excited. “I’m so excited. It’s all I can think about,” one West side Erieite said. “Now I can get the same burrito I used to be able to get, but only have to drive five minutes instead of ten. This is progress. What a time to be alive.” Once the announcement was made news of the opening began to trend on social media and a line already began to form Tuesday. “First!” the man at the front of the line shouted. “My plan is to visit a Chipotle in every state. So far I just have Pennsylvania. My roommate won’t let me borrow her car.” The anticipation for the opening hasn’t been felt in Erie since a Moe’s opened across the street in December. The National Guard has already been placed on standby for the IHOP grand opening expected within the next few months.


  1. Daniel says

    I’m just as hyped for the new GetGo opening on the West Bayfront and Greengarden. Nothing more exciting than overpriced gas station made-to-order sandwiches.

  2. Tom says

    Us Harborcreek residents are just as excited about the new Harbor House Beer garden opening up right next to the Tim Hortons on the Buffalo Road. We can now get the same type of fancy beers as they have downtown! And we don’t have to take our lives into our own hands to go downtown to get it!

    A Chipoltle in Harborcreek would be great, too. That way we wouldn’t have to drive clear across the world to get a big burrito.

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