Erie To Provide Residents With Sparklers In Lieu Of Fourth Fireworks Display

The Fourth of July may not be so dreary in Erie after all. The city announced Wednesday that it has shored up funding to provide one sparkler to every city resident over the age of sixteen, to be lit off all in one location on the Fourth. The city says they see this as a good compromise. “What do you want?”, Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott asked. “Do you want fireworks, or do you want high schools? Because you can’t have both.” Another solution presented itself on Wednesday, when Mercyhurst University offered to step in and fund a fireworks display. The city declined, saying they needed at least six months to prepare. Mockerie staff pressed the mayor on why he didn’t seek funding for the event six months ago if that was the case. “Six months?!”, Sinnott laughed. “It’s been the policy of this administration to plan no more than two months ahead at any given time. Our budget is just January and February copy and pasted six times.” Sparklers will be sent to households by the Fourth with instructions on when the meetup will take place. The postage is expected to far exceed the cost of the sparklers themselves and when all is said and done will actually only save the city seventeen dollars compared to just having held the Boom Over the Bay in the first place.

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