Erie School District To Shut Down For Lesson On Economics

The Erie School District announced considering a possible shut down on Wednesday as a way to teach district students the responsibility of adhering to a strict budget. School District Superintendent Jay Badams said students who will be forced to stay home should use this as a “learning moment”. “If you run your personal expenses like the government, you’re gonna have a bad time,” he said. “We have already visited with several payday loan stores and we really just can’t find one we’re comfortable with.” The District was expected to launch the new economic program this fall, but were unable to do so. A shutdown, we were told, would be the next best way to teach the students the same lesson. The drastic measure comes after months of budget deadlock in Harrisburg. The School District is now faced with the tough choice to pay for a loan, shut down, or ask teachers to work for free. “I thought we basically already did,” said one disgruntled 3rd grade teacher. Badams is expected to make a final decision next week when Quicken Loans and return his calls.


  1. tabitha says

    teach the students a lesson ? !! really??? how is it their fault because the district cant manage their money correctly, there kids not adults, and yes they need to learn budget and stuff but don’t force it on them this way, teach them the right way.

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