Erie School District Considers Having Students Hunt Their Own Lunch To Cut Costs

One of the latest cost savings techniques proposed by the Erie School District will have a serious effect on the way students spend their daily lunch. Under the proposal, live animals would be released in a confined area and each student must hunt down their own lunch for the day. If instituted, the measure has the potential to save the district millions. “It’s not a decision that we plan to make lightly,” a representative for the district said. “It is however a matter of fact that live animals are significantly cheaper than prepared foods, and it’s something that we have to consider.” In order to accommodate the new practice, the lunch period would be extended and combined with a new course, entitled “Preparing For The Apocalypse”, which would be a challenge to align with the Common Core. “I think with where this City is headed, hunting and trapping your own meals may be one of the most important skills we can teach,” the spokesman said. The proposal will be up for debate at the next board meeting, where members will also debate having students do maintenance on the building during the course of the school day.

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