Erie Retailer Holds Street Fights; Awards Winner With Black Friday Deal

A new twist and possibly a new tradition took place Friday morning on Upper Peach Street. One retailer decided to pit waiting shoppers against each other in a makeshift boxing ring and had them fight it out for the best Black Friday deals. “We decided that the typical Black Friday format was getting stale,” the store manager said. “Why should people get the best deals just because they made it in line first? Make them earn it. If you watch security footage of doorbuster deals, it’s pretty much a street fight anyway. We just made it more organized.” The new promotion, which the store has dubbed “Black Eye Friday” was met with raucous cheers from the crowd of onlookers. The winners receive their choice of holiday discounts, including $25 off a cheaply made television. “Six hours in line and a couple of bruises,” the winner of Friday’s first fight said. “Last year I broke a finger and wasn’t even in a fight. Totally worth it. I’m going to parlay that cash into some extra lottery tickets. I want to be smart with it.” The loser of the fight is required to buy the same item as the winner at full retail price.

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