Erie Residents Prepare For Hibernation After Busy Labor Day Weekend

Another season is in the books for Erie. Summer in the region has officially come to a close and despite the warm weather, residents are already making plans to hibernate. Labor Day serves as the traditional ‘last hurrah’ of the season and getting ready for the cold started Tuesday. “We are stocking up on water, blankets, and frozen pizzas,” one woman told us, heading to her car with a shopping cart full of essentials. “You never know when the cold is going to hit. It’s kind of like doomsday prepping every year.” Residents will use the next two months to ease in to the months of seclusion, once Daylight Savings Time ends on November 1st. “Well, we spend weekends inside now, with football starting up again,” said one Millcreek father. “It’s a good transition into avoiding outdoors altogether for winter.” Once the big supply rush wears down, most business will transition to more limited hours. Bars and liquor stores however, will remain open on a regular schedule.


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