Erie Resident Fires Gun; Breaks New Year’s Resolution

The latest gunfire on Erie’s West side is not only one of the first police calls of the year, but one of the first New Year’s Resolutions to be broken. The man responsible for Sunday’s shots fired on 18th and Myrtle was sure he would have been able to hold off a little longer. “I’m really disappointed in myself,” the man said. “I told myself at the end of the year, no more firing my gun on the street. Yet, here we are. Last year, at least, I didn’t eat fast food for a week.” Police investigated the shooting and through interviews decided that there were no grounds to file any charges. Police say that one of the County’s judges was driving by the scene, heard the situation, and convinced them not to press charges. “I really feel for this guy. I break my resolutions all the time and it’s a really tough thing. This guy gave it his best and caved, like most of us. I got a gym membership and haven’t set foot in the place yet, so who am I to judge?” said the judge. Police say to avoid any charges the man promised not to fire his gun in public for at least a month.

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