Erie Police Search For Pit Bulls Suspected Of Robbing Bank

Erie police are on the the hunt this morning for two suspects, that they believe to be Pit Bulls, who robbed an Erie area bank Wednesday afternoon. The account from witnesses described the suspects as wearing hoodies and dog masks, but police say they see right through the deception. “What we clearly have here is a case of these hooligan Pit Bulls, impersonating a human, and committing this robbery,” one of the investigating officer said. “We all know what Pits are capable of and this is not outside of the realm of possibility. We have to remember that this breed is smart and we can’t let them get the best of us.” Witnesses to the robbery were left scratching their heads at the department’s take on the investigation. “We definitely saw two humans rob us,” one of them said. “I told the officer there was a Pit Bull in the getaway car, but that’s really all.” Police however, are sticking to their guns. “If it turns out that our suspects were human, which I doubt, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the dog in the car was the mastermind behind it all,” the officer said. Several media outlets have already jumped on the story due to the involvement of Pit Bulls, but are now catching some heat after failing to cover a Chihuahua suspected of holding up a Taco Bell at gunpoint last month.

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