Erie-Millcreek Water Deal Held Up By Kink In Hose

The proposed purchase of Millcreek’s water system by the Erie County Water Authority hit a new hurdle Friday, a kinked hose. The hose is the only connection between the City and the Township, and without it in working order the deal could be held up indefinitely. “It was definitely a situation we were not prepared for,” Millcreek Supervisor Brian McGrath said. “None of the hoses we run to people’s houses ever got kinked before. We check them constantly, that’s why we’ve been able to charge so much.” Erie is arguing that deal hasn’t been finalized and Millcreek needs to fix the problem first. The hose connecting the two facilities was purchased at K-Mart just last week in preparation for the switch over. “I told them to just buy that expanding hose,” Water Works Chief Executive Paul Vojtek said. “They didn’t listen and now look where we are. A kinked hose. Just like in the infomercial.” Vojtek wasn’t able to set a timetable for the dispute to be resolved but did say he was excited for his ShamWow to arrive next week.


  1. meatball says

    Until the defective hose can be returned to K-Mart (K-Mart will take back anything) and exchanged for a kinkless one why not set up an old fashioned bucket brigade to transfer water from Erie to Millcreek? I estimate it will take only 5,237 people to do this efficiently. Promote it as the Erie History Reenactment Festival. Thousands will turn out. Offer free admission if you bring your own bucket. (Be sure to put your name on the bucket so you get your bucket back after the festival.) Organizers could orchestrate rotating 5-minute breaks every half hour. Vendors can be strategically placed so participants can indulge in funnel cakes, slushies, etc. during their respective breaks.

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