Erie Meth Lab Announces Layoffs

In another blow to local manufacturing, one of Erie County’s largest meth labs announced layoffs set to begin next month. The owner of the facility says it’s been difficult to maintain a user base with the recent negative press about the drug. “It’s the media’s fault man,” the owner said. “All you hear about is how bad meth is for you and what not. What about the jobs it creates, man. I got 7 good people here, gonna have to start buying their own supply and find another blighted house to crash in. It’s tragic.” This marks the second blow in as many days to Erie’s meth industry as a lab was lost to an explosion earlier in the week. One worker says it’s going to be tough to make ends meet. “The insurance is what’s going to get me,” she said. “We had full dental coverage here. Now it’s gone. Do you know how much dental work costs for a meth user?” The lab owner says that it’s going to be tough losing so many good people but it’s the only way they can keep their business afloat. A local McDonalds has already inquired in to hiring some of the laid off employees.

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