Erie Man Stuck In Car From Celebrate Erie Street Closings

One Erie man is hoping to survive the week after being stranded in his car Wednesday morning due to road closings for Celebrate Erie. The motorist was traveling West on 4th street when the closures went up between Peach and French. “I was coming home from work.” The driver said. “I came across French just fine, but when I hit Peach it was closed. I went to turn around and State was closed. That’s when I realized I was trapped.” Not realizing he could move the flimsy yellow horses, the man stayed in his car which is now surrounded by concert equipment. “I usually keep a survival kit, but only in the winter.” News broke almost immediately on social media and donations of food and water have started to accumulate near the automobile. The Red Cross had been contacted and supplies to last the man through Monday are expected to arrive within days. This is not the first such ordeal for the victim, who chose not to be identified. He claims he was stuck on the JC Penny escalator at the Millcreek Mall overnight just last year.


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