Erie Man Hanging Christmas Lights Early Harassed By Neighbors

An Erie man trying to get a jump on the holiday season may now wake up to lumps of coal Christmas morning, if his neighbors have anything to say about it. Taking advantage of a warmer than usual November, Fredrick Wells began to set up his outside Christmas display when he noticed something amiss. “Things began popping up in different places,” he said. “Cords I’ve already untangled were back in a ball, some lights were missing, and someone had relocated my fake snowman’s carrot nose to an inappropriate place.” While Wells says he’s only trying to get his neighborhood in the spirit, one of the alleged perpetrators sees it a different way. “Earlier an earlier every year,” the man said. “We have to teach him a lesson. He puts his stuff up in November and leaves it through January. Every year. Who has Christmas stuff up for 3 months of the year? It’s insane.” Previous subtle hints to Wells were apparently not noticed before the pranks began. He says he won’t let a few Scrooges get him down and even plans to have his display up by Halloween next year.

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