Erie Man Eager To Share His Unfounded Opinion On Incoming Refugees

One Erie man is chomping at the bit to log on to Facebook tonight after reading the first paragraph of an article about Syrian refugees. He tells us that he’s looking for the perfect picture to add an out of context caption on, and share it to the social network. “That article (paragraph) really fired me up!,” he says. “They’re coming over into our country. That’s all I really know about the situation, but I’m ready to let my voice be heard.” The man, without any context or facts to support his argument, is no stranger to voicing his opinion to a group of people who never really asked for it. “I haven’t been this fired up since they started taking down all those Confederate flags,” he continued. “I’ll never listen to ‘Killing Me Softly’ again, that’s for sure.” The portion of the article that man allegedly read on FoxNation is the basis for his latest strong opinion. There is no word yet on whether or not the man has any idea his Facebook posts cause his friends and family to slowly lose all respect for him.

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