Erie Locals Excited To Drink Shoulder To Shoulder With Strangers At Winefest

North East’s annual Wine Fest is getting ready to kick off Friday night and local wine drinkers are ready to stand uncomfortably close to strangers in order to get a glass. “It’s my favorite time of year,” one North East woman said. “Sure I could just buy a bottle and drink at home with a few friends, but standing in an overheated tent and brushing up against strangers really brings out the flavor of the wine.” A scientific study released by the wine industry last month confirmed that close personal contact with large amounts of overheated people opens the taste buds, allowing for a more robust flavor profile. “We’ve actually began to pump heat in,” an event organizer said. “The perfect wine drinking atmosphere is about 110 degrees and that’s what we shoot for in the wine tent.” The same study also confirmed the long held belief that no one who drinks wine with a glass hanging around their neck knows anything about it.


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