Erie Kickball Tournament Gives Former Jock A Chance To Prove Himself

The annual Young Erie Professionals Charity Kickball Tournament may be over a week away, but one local weekend warrior is well in to training mode. “I’m going to crush it. No doubt.” the former Strong Vincent running back Vince Harper said. “Protein powder, pre-workout mix, and dedication. That’s the formula. That kickball won’t know what hit it.” The ex-ball player will be one of nearly 20 teams competing for the Maennerchor Cup on August 15th. However if you ask him, “compete” is a relative term. “No competition here. I’m taking that cup home.” Harper told our staff that he’s relying on the fact that most people will “just be having fun” and he sees that as a weakness. Former classmates say it’s more than being competitive. “He’s out to prove himself. He kind of peaked in high school. I’m not sure but I don’t think ‘Dog Park Waste Coordinator’ was a goal of his.” Harper was last seen at Planet Fitness, setting off the ‘Lunk ALarm’ for grunting into the mirror during his Tuesday workout.




For information on the actual tournament and the actual charities it will benefit, go here.

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