Erie Insurance Turns Property Into Small Zoo For Employees

Erie Insurance is working on their latest expansion plans, but the new growth phase won’t be including any new offices. The newly purchased property, located at 6th and Holland, will be turned into a small zoo for employees to enjoy during their lunch breaks and downtime. “Why? Why not?” a spokesman for Erie Insurance told us. “We’re running out of stuff to spend our money on. One of our employees suggested it during a meeting as a joke and we just kind of ran with it.” The complex will only be open to Erie Insurance employees and their families and will not offer direct competition to the Erie Zoo. The investment into the company is aimed at sending a message to employees. “We want our workers to know that we are making so much money that we can do literally anything we want,” the spokesman said. Which animals will be chosen to fill the limited space is being left up to voting by the employees. Right now the leading submission is “a polar bear that actually goes down the damn slide”.

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