Erie Forced To Replace All City Hall Clocks For Daylight Savings Time

Erie’s corner cutting is going to cost them this November as the city maintenance staff discovered Sunday that none of the clocks in city hall are able to be adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. This marks the first time that the clocks have needed to be changed since being replaced earlier this year. “We’ve sent a handwritten letter to the traveling salesman we bought them from and are waiting to hear back,” a City Hall maintenance worker said. “We’re left with two options. Either we buy another set of clocks with the correct time and just change them out twice a year, or we just hang a big “-1” under all the clocks.” To replace all the clocks would cost the city a few thousand dollars, based on early estimates. For now, the incorrect clocks are still up and are expected to cause confusion Monday morning. Because of the error. The City will run all meetings inside the building as if DST never happened. All options are expected to be discussed at the Wednesday’s City Council meeting at 9am, or 10am depending on if you’re in City Hall or not.

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