Erie County Farms Settles Rent Dispute For $1.29/lb.

Erie County Farms will remain open, after a last minute deal was agreed upon Wednesday night. The deal will have the store pay a mere 1.29 per pound of remaining inventory to owners of the Perry Plaza to make up for past due rent. “Giant Eagle or Tops would have had to pay at least $1.99/lb for the same deal,” a store spokesman said. “We are glad to have this dispute behind us and allow Erie to fight over the last bag of chicken breasts for years to come.” The store’s low prices and no rules atmosphere has drawn Erie shoppers to the grocer 50 years, many hope that doesn’t change. “Can I afford to pay an extra fifty cents for bananas? Sure,” one woman told us. “But it gives me a rush to take them out of someone else’s cart that left it for a few seconds. You just can’t get away with that anywhere else. It’s like the Hunger Games.” Once the store reopens they plan to offer a buy one get one free deal on boxes of fish that have been opened for an unknown amount of time.


    • Carrie says

      Let someone take out of my cart…
      I’m ready to throw down. .smh..that’s my kids food…these people are retarded for writing this post. ..old fish. ..lmao

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