Erie Caught Falsifying Snowfall Totals To Lead National Snow Contest

Erie officials may be left out in the cold this winter after recent allegations of falsified snowfall totals following the city’s latest accumulation. The discrepancy was discovered after a random snowfall audit on Thursday afternoon. “We at the National Snowglobe Competition are shocked by today’s findings and plan to launch a full investigation into the matter,” the auditor said. “This calls all of Erie’s past titles into question and we plan to go back and look at those as well.” The auditor discovered that after Erie fell behind in the national snowfall totals, officials at the Erie Airport began taking their measurements in snow drifts, relaying an inflated number. “Whether we fudged a few numbers or not, this is Erie’s title and the globe belongs here,” one of the airport officials said. “Besides, who hasn’t exaggerated by a few inches every now and then?” If any wrongdoing is discovered, Erie could face sanctions by the Snowglobe Competition’s governing body, and placed under a Lake Effect Snow Warning from November until March of next winter.


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    Ha, I love that the mainstream media has finally brought this to the attention of the entire world. Great work and hopefully this matter is resolved soon 😉

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