Erie Business Owner Not Buying In To All That ‘Internet Hooplah’

One local businessman is taking a bold stand today against the near necessity of marketing his business online. “It’s just too many w’s to keep track of first of all.” Entrepreneur, Ned Tasker ranted. “Everyone says I need a Linkbook and a Faced-In. It’s all a bunch of over-rated hoopla to me.” The video rental business has been hit hard in the past decade, and it’s something that Tasker is well aware of. Still, he looks to one section of Erie as a sign of hope. “Now, I haven’t been over there in a number of years, but I doubt you’ll find any of the businesses on Parade Street having a website, and just look at how well that area is growing.” Until he can be convinced otherwise, Ned plans to build his business by staying up to date on the latest technology, other than the internet. Micheal Keaton’s Batman will hit shelves on VHS, Friday.

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