Erie Budget Surplus Will Fund Study On How To Spend Surplus

Erie’s expected budget surplus at the end of this year has already been spent, according to reports. The excess cash will go to fund a study on the best ways to spend budget surpluses. The in depth look at city spending will cost about $71,000, leaving the City $392 to tinker with at the year’s end. “I would use the word windfall.” Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott said. “With all that’s going on it’s nice to finally get some good news. Just think of what $400 will buy in Erie.” Based on previous studies done on cities similar to Erie, the money will most likely go to stoplights at intersections with mild traffic. The study is expected to be due sometime in late 2015. City officials say that they paid such a hefty fee for a reason and will do whatever the results say.

EDIT: After the writing of this article, it was discovered that the Mayor bought 1,598 quarter drafts Wednesday night, charging it to the city, effectively depleting the surplus. This is why we can’t have nice things.


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