Erie Bar Crawl To Benefit Alcoholics Anonymous

One local chapter of the nation’s most well-known alcoholic support group will soon get an influx of cash thanks to a hoard of drunk 20-something’s. The funds raised by Erie’s latest bar crawl will go to support Alcoholics Anonymous, and possibly recruit a few new members. “We know it sounds a little counterproductive,” the event organizer said. “But we had to face facts. This is Erie and there are only two ways to raise money, bar crawls or selling pepperoni balls. Would you buy pepperoni balls from grown men going door to door?” Shirts will be on sale at several bars downtown over the next few weeks. The funds raised will go to upgrade the food at meetings as a reward for joining the program. “People don’t show up for donuts anymore,” the organizer said. “You need a nice meat and cheese tray if you want people to lure people in and have them admit they have a problem.” The idea for the fundraiser comes on the tails of Friday’s “Running of the Santas”. The name for this crawl will be “The Stumbling of the Drunks”.

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