Erie Awards Strays Contract To Chinese Restaurant

Erie stray dogs and cats picked up by Animal Control will have a new home come January 1, an un-named East Side Chinese restaurant. The decision comes as a shock to most as the A.N.N.A Shelter and Humane Society were believed to be the only bidders. “The bid came in at 11:59pm, just before the deadline.” Mayor Sinnott explained. “Per the rules of the bidding process the bid goes to the lowest proposal. The restaurant has actually offered to pay us for the strays. It makes the most sense economically for the city.” The city does not appear to take into consideration what shelters do with the pets, as long as the price is right. The decision severs the years long relationship the city has had with the A.N.N.A shelter, which is angering some, but is supported by others. “It’s going to make people think twice before letting their dog or cat loose. That’s for sure.” one local woman commented. “My cat, General Tso, got out just last year, but we never found him.” The restaurant has planned a celebratory dinner for city officials to celebrate the new contract. The meal will take place on January 2nd or 3rd, depending on how many strays are picked up.


  1. Ella says

    Chinese restaurants serving cats and dogs has to be the oldest and lamest racist joke there is. If you are trying to be The Onion of Erie, try harder. I recommend Polack jokes. Or something about Pope Paul VI. Or a Billie Jean King dyke laffer. All the jokes 1977 can offer.

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