Erie Arena Crews Work Overtime To Clean Up Load Of Bull**** Left By Trump Speech

Cleanup crews at the Erie Insurance Arena are expected to work overtime tonight in order to clean up the larger than expected amount of bull**** left over after Donald Trump’s speech on Wednesday afternoon. Organizers of the event say that they planned for some clean up, based on his previous speeches, but had no idea what to expect. “I think that the amount that came out of his mouth far exceeded everything that we had planned for earlier in the week,” one of the organizers said. “At one point, the levels got so high all I could see was his hair.” Attendees at the area didn’t seem to mind, however and even applauded as more and more of the stench piled up. “That is what we need more of,” one Trump supporter, who attended Wednesday, said. “It’s refreshing to finally hear someone speak the way I do. Without facts or substance.” Trump will now move on to give his next address in an open field, in a more rural part of Pennsylvania, where his bull**** is of much greater use.

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