Erie Area Technical School Offers Course On Filing For Unemployment

One Erie area technical school is expanding their curriculum today. The school will begin offering a course on how to file for unemployment, to help prepare students for life after graduation. “We take pride in being able to change our class selection based on our students’ needs,” a spokesperson from the school said. “Based on the changing economic climate we feel that offering this class is one of the best ways we can make our students successful after they complete the program.” According to the syllabus the course outlines different strategies to help maximize the weekly payout from the government program. The course also goes over ways to extend payouts past the initial 26 weeks. Students say they are excited to begin the program. “Usually when you begin one of these technical programs, it’s still a gamble on being able to find a position,” one current student said. “But now at least I’ll know how to be a dental assistant and have a few weeks of income when that definitely doesn’t work out.” The class will debut in the Spring semester of 2016, but will require the prerequisite course Opening A Checking Account 101.

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