Erie Airport Offering Flights Across Town To Boost Business

In an attempt to boost the number of visitors, the Erie “International” Airport will now offer flights across town to help circumvent 12th Street traffic. The air field is hoping to capitalize on the frustration of mistimed traffic lights and ongoing construction that are turning daily commutes into road trips. “We see a need for this locally, and we are just capitalizing on it,” Erie Airport officials said Monday. “People’s commutes across town have gone from 10 minutes to 30. It’s a crime. We can get you downtown in under 5.” Flights will take off on an as needed basis and commuters will be provided with a backpack parachute. As the plane makes a loop around the city, the traveler can jump out as they please at their destination. “It’s the first of its kind in the world,” the airport official said. “Mainly because it’s a horrible idea, but we have to get people to use the airport somehow.” Interest in the new service has been limited in the early stages, but the airport is hopeful business picks up as drivers become more and more frustrated with the construction mess on 12th and I-79.


  1. Dan says

    Perhaps with the new longer runway the airport can also use bigger planes for additional flights to Edinboro, North East and West Springfield. Since it is an “International” airport it would also be worth exploring a “red eye” to London, Ontario in the near future.

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