End Of Erie Rainbow Leads Police To Meth Lab

Erie Police may just need to start looking towards the end of the rainbow, as Monday’s light show lead to the bust of another meth lab. Two officers began investigating after reports from neighbors of a strong scent coming from the area where the rainbow neared the ground. “Our investigation found that Monday’s rainbow was actually a unique combination of chemical gasses coming from the lab,” an officer told us. “The suspects were attempting a new cooking method, which lead to the rainbow coming from the site.” Police said that they will seize all pictures posted on Facebook as evidence and that numerous pictures actually aided in the investigation. “By the time we began investigating it was already gone,” the officer said. “It was literally every other picture on my newsfeed, so we had plenty of angles and could find the origin from there.” The suspect, Roy G. Biv, told police it was the first time he attempted the cooking style. When asked where he heard of the new method, he replied “Once, in a lullaby.”

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