EMTA Expands To Union City To Accommodate One Rider

Don’t be surprised if you see an EMTA bus further out in the County than usually. The Transit Authority will launch a new route to transport one Union City resident to and from work, daily. “I’m pretty shocked they agreed to it, actually,” the woman said. “I contacted the County Executive’s Office and asked if there was anything they could do for me. A week later I got a note that the route was starting soon.” How EMTA plans to make money on the route remains a mystery as well as why the County Executive would push for a route for just one person. “It’s not about feasibility or making money,” the County Executive said. “It’s about appeasing people regardless of the consequences so people vote for you.” EMTA will now need to eliminate one Erie route to free up the bus for the daily trip. There’s no word yet on which one will be cut, but right now the Partners – St. Mark’s Seminary loop is the prime candidate.


  1. me says

    There are a lot of people who live in Corry and union city who work in Erie. Common sense says many will utilize this.

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