Empty GE Employee Parking Chosen As New Landfill Site

The announcement of layoffs at Erie’s GE Transportation plant came as a shock to many, but the impending move may solve one of Erie’s problems. The newly created excess parking at the facility will now be used as Erie’s new landfill. “With the current landfill about to reach its max height this is a natural fit,” a landfill worker told us. “It just makes sense for us. Everyone says East Erie never gets anything new. Well, here you are. You’re welcome.” GE’s workforce has been shrinking as fast as the current landfill has been growing, so the move seems to make sense. Finding a site for the new fill was expected to be a difficult process, but once news broke Friday, the paperwork was immediately signed and future plans were discussed. “As GE shrinks even more over the coming years we can expand the fill and eventually take over the entire site,” the worker blatantly stated. “I’m just kidding. GE will be in Erie forever.” The biggest pieces of trash expected to be collected in the new landfill are the low paying jobs that qualified workers will now be forced to take.

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