Elf On The Shelf Charged In Latest Circle K Robbery

One Erie fugitive is off the streets today, but it may not exactly be who you think. Erie Police have arrested the suspect they believe held up a Circle K a few weeks ago, the Elf on the Shelf. “It was the detailed description the clerk gave of the suspect that really helped in the investigation,” the lead investigators said. “The suspect was described to us as male, brown hair, having cold, dead, lifeless eyes, 12 inches tall, and made of plastic. We ran those though our system and luckily he already had a record.” Police say the arrest took so long because he kept moving every night and they had trouble confirming his whereabouts. “One night he’s on the mantle, the next night he’s on the bookshelf,” the officer said. “He’s obviously well connected. You don’t go into hiding that easily without help.” In addition to the robbery charges, the Elf is also under investigation in multiple states for causing psychological problems in children.

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