Downtown Listing Features Beautiful View Of Arby’s

The Union Square townhouses that line Peach Street between 12th and 13th have been a tough sell for Erie residents. Some feel the price is too high, while others feel the location is less than ideal. One local realtor just thinks it’s a matter of branding. “Stop talking about what it doesn’t have and focus on what it does have,” she said. “It’s within an earshot of a heavily trafficked road. You’ll have quiet (no) neighbors and the view from your terrace of Arby’s is breathtaking in the Spring. All above the former site of a future coffee shop.” The townhomes carry a hefty $170,000 price tag which many believe is too high. Some local citizens told our reporters their impressions of the project. “I think they should make it some of the nicest Section 8 housing available. At least they’d get some of their money back,” one man said. “The whole project was about as well conceived as building a tanning salon in the desert,” another woman quipped. Regardless of the perception of the public several of the remaining units are still available. We’re willing to bet that if you take the time to watch a balcony view of the steam from the Arby’s fryers rise into the air against an Erie sunset, just as the smell of curly fries fills the air, that won’t be the case for long.

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