Donald Trump Labels Oliver Hazard Perry War Criminal

Presidential candidate and wig model Donald Trump continued his verbal assault on the military this week, describing Oliver Hazard Perry as a war criminal. “Anyone who engages in the use of cannons and boards another ship during a naval fight, to me, is a pirate and should be tried.” Trump said of the Erie legend. “I cannot fathom why Lake Erie is saturated with monuments, museums, and references to this scoff-law.” Trump’s comments immediately drew outrage from local historians. It’s another bold move for Trump, who now runs the risk of losing voter support in Pennsylvania’s fourth most populous city. The latest Gallup poll now shows Trump behind write-in candidate Mike Hunt. While down in the key voter demographic of minorities and seniors, Trump has recently surged in voters identifying as “I just want to see what would happen.”


  1. Babs says

    That name, Donald Trump is unfamiliar to me. Was this the first time he accomplished something noteworthy? Please advise.

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