Discover Presque Isle Attracts Thousands Eager To Sit In Traffic

This weekend on the peninsula popcorn is popping, lemonade is being squeezed, and traffic is at a standstill as people sell buttons in the middle of the road for Discover Presque Isle. “I come down to Beach 6 quite a bit during the year.” one driver said. “But I like coming down for Discover because it’s a totally different experience. You can’t really get that breathtaking view of the bay, through bushes while you’re whizzing by at 25 mph.” Millcreek business owners have all pitched in this year to make the flow of cars as slow as possible. “Waldameer added the wave pool, so we should get more traffic from that and the new Sheetz will help clog the thing up perfectly.” DPI organizers said. The slow crawl and bladder test is now expected to start at 8th and Peninsula and continue until at least Beach 8. If traffic is moving faster than expected, Penndot will begin pothole patching in the area sometime in the afternoon.


  1. Charlie says

    Keep heart! I’ve actually experienced the total thrill of being in backed up trafffic all the way to 22nd & Peninsula Dr! So the best is yet to come! Another unanticipated exhilaration awaits those to forget to slow in front of Sarah’s … if one hits the “speed bumps” just right on an otherwise uneventful drive, the possibility of becoming suddenly airborne will surely spike your adrenaline!

  2. Sherri says

    Mupears clogging traffic, taking up three parking spaces at a time and leaving trash behind. Day trip tourism or any Erie tourism doesn’t put money in MY economy. But Scott incorporated and cohorts have heavy pockets. Stop building hotels and restaurants. Bring back industry so we can get a better job than cleaning hotel rooms and waiting on tables.

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