Corry Changes Election Balloting To “A Show Of Hands”

On the night before election day, Corry is making last minute changes to the way this year’s local election will be tallied. The election will now be decided by a show of hands and a meeting held at the local VFW on Tuesday night. “We had a few issues that we just noticed were beyond correcting at this point,” one of the city legislators said. “When we were hand writing the original ballots, we realized we had added a candidate that should have not been on the ballot. We were afraid that people would not realize the mistake and accidentally vote Hugh Jass to the school board.” Instead, with voter turnout expected to be low, the dozens of Corry voters will convene at the VFW and will vote by raising their hands for their candidate. Blindfolds will also be provided to protect the privacy of the votes. “Not everyone was convinced we needed to take these measures,” the politician said. “I for one didn’t think anyone would really notice another Hugh Jass in local politics anyway.” With the news of the changes breaking late, the VFW is expecting to offer quarter drafts to boost voter turnout.

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