COPS To Feature Bengals-Only Special Episode

A forthcoming episode of the popular television show Cops will air an episode in the near future that focuses solely on players that are currently on the active roster of the Cincinnati Bengals. The hour long docuseries will air previously unseen recorded interactions with police. Producers are also already assuming that there will be numerous incidents between now and when the episode airs, and cameras will be rolling. “The NFL is one of the hottest brands in America right now and we’ve been trying to figure out how to work out a cross promotion,” one of the series producers said. “Watching them play the Steelers on Saturday it hit me. No other team makes people think of cops more than the Cincinnati Bengals.” Two of the more notorious players from Saturday’s game, Vontaze Burfict and Adam “Pacman” Jones are expected to share a majority of screen time during the 60-minute show. Preliminary response to the idea has been overwhelming so far. If the show’s ratings are as good as Spike TV expects, a full time, NFL-only version of the show may be produced at the network.

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