Construction Worker Directing Traffic Admits He’s “Totally Messing With You”

Traffic was backed up at the intersection of 8th and Peninsula Thursday afternoon as construction workers stood around looking at the road while Josh Daly directed traffic. “We don’t really have a system for letting people through.” he admitted. “Sometimes I’ll pick a song and sing as much as I can remember then turn the sign. Yesterday I would take a letter of the alphabet and see how many animals I could name starting with that letter.” The startling admission confirms years of speculation in the nature of such workers. Daly went on to admit that one morning he had an argument when he left the house and purposely held people up on the way to work. “I’d rotate the sign right when people started turning around.” Other workers on the crew admitted that they practice looking busy for the motorists and only really get things done when it’s between 62 and 67 degrees.

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