Clinton Targets Sanders Supporters; Offers Free Rides To Poll

Hillary Clinton is making a hard push for voters in Pennsylvania with only one day left until the state’s primaries take place. The former First Lady may actually be feeling the Bern as her campaigns has begun to offer free services in a last minute effort to sway voters. “We have always been a campaign based on what millionaires think the middle class wants,” a campaign spokesperson said. “And we think they want free rides to go vote. We’ll even treat them and swing by the McDonald’s drive thru or whatever else the middle class calls food.” The last ditch efforts come after her competitor Bernie Sanders has surged in popularity over the past few months. These moves are seen as a way to connect with middle class voters after multiple attacks by Sanders claiming otherwise. “The Clinton campaign is a campaign for the people,” her spokesperson continued. “We are in touch with the middle class. We know we have to raise the minimum wage so speakers are paid more than just a few hundred dollars for some speaking engagements. We know that having your maid cut back to only ten hours a week means you have to do a load of laundry every once in a while or actually spend time with your kids. If these are your problems, like most Americans, the Clinton campaign is there for you.” The campaign says that they will contact you to schedule your free ride once you make at least three negative comments on your friends’ Bernie Sanders posts that plaster Facebook.

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