Chipotle Pledges 20% Less Indigestion After Food Safety Meetings

Chipotle closed its doors for four hours on Monday to discuss food safety upgrades with its employees and now says that new procedures will cut down on stomachaches and indigestion by roughly twenty percent. The meetings covered everything from food prep to food assembly and according to most it was incredibly helpful. “Well, for example we are going to start washing our vegetables before we use them for anything. I had no idea,” one worker said after the meeting let out. “We also can’t use anything that grows behind the restaurant anymore. It doesn’t get more fresh and organic than that. I disagree with that one.” The meetings came as a result of 500 customers becoming sick with E.coli toward the end of 2015. The outbreak took so long to discover because symptoms of the virus are the same as uncontaminated meals, and no one was able to tell the difference. Management says that will be the case no more. “With the new programs we have in place you are less likely to experience severe stomach pains,” one of the managers said. “Moderate aches and possible gas is still to be expected, however.” The chain will now be more transparent, they say. Each restaurant will feature a “Days Without An E.coli Breakout” counter, set to 1, starting Tuesday.

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