Cherry Street Circle K Goes Cashless To Avoid Robberies

Starting Monday, the Circle K convenience store on 26th and Cherry will begin a new cashless policy to deter future robberies at the location. The move comes after several thefts at the location, forcing the store owners to take action. “Starting today we will no longer be engaging in cash transactions,” the store owner said. “We will only be accepting credit/debit, EBT, and bitcoin. We feel like this will significantly reduce the amount of police calls our employees will have to make.” The reduced number of police calls to the store will be estimated to save police thousands of dollars per year and may aid in the hiring of an extra officer. The new policy may take some getting used to for customers, but the owner says he aims to make the transition as smooth as possible. “We’re going to try to make the store a more welcoming place. We’re finally going to start picking up the trash in our parking lots and upgrade our coffee so people actually start drinking it on purpose.” The policy is not expected to cut down on store thefts all together, however. The store’s second most stolen item, Twinkies, will not be kept in a locked cage behind the counter.

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