Chalk Artist Shocks With Obscene Celebrate Erie Drawing

The Celebrate Erie Kid’s Zone may have to be moved next year after one Erie artist crosses the line with her Chalk Walk drawing. The picture in question cannot be fully described within this publication, however we will say that it involved our Flagship City’s Mayor, who has come under fire as of late. “This drawing was a statement.” the artist said. “Of the things that are wrong with this city and who’s to blame.” Not everyone shared her opinion on the subject matter as gasps were heard during the piece’s finishing touches. “I can tell you this City has a lot of issues that need to be worked out.” Mayor Sinnott said. “And I’m doing everything in my power to fix those, but I can say for certain that I have never done that to City Hall or any building for that matter.” It was decided that the artist would not be charged with any type of crime, however her artwork has since been removed. Erie street crews cut the square out of the street Friday night. The department doesn’t plan to replace the section of road, because as one worker told us “at least its not as bad as 12th Street.”


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